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JOE and Shaunda KNIGHT are no strangers to tragedy. Born from the loss of their son in his third year of Bible College, they offer a ministry of amazing hope to hurting people everywhere.

More About MattHere is where you learn more about Matt.  Matt's life mattered.


/TIAB/img0171-150x150.jpg Matt and Jodi Baseball
Matt singing the National Anthem 5th Grade  


/TIAB/MATT-and-SHAUNDA-1-150x150.jpg /TIAB/FAMILY-PICTURE-150x150 (1).jpg
Matt and guitar Matt Matt


Matt looking at scooter Trey and Tim Stem cell drive
Matt at the Attic Matt and Dianne Haircut
Matt and Terry Matt's IVs Four heads
Gift of GodThis is the “Worship Leading” portion of Matt’s memorial.  I edited several different worship services showing some early vintage Matt.  The audio mixes were rough, but the content irreplaceable.  When we presented this live, his friends filled in all the missing parts.  I have many recorded services where Matt led worship all during his illness, often when the time he stood on the platform was the only time he stood all day.  Maybe someday we can look at those together; just not today.
Nail'dAs a part of the summer at the Attic, a series of videos were produced in the style of a then current music tv show.  It was Matt’s turn to taste a bit of the humor!
Matt’s WreckMatt was an adult when he was at College.  He owned his own car.  One night after getting gas he found a ditch.  Rather than a simple phone call explaining what had happened, Matt informed me by sending this video in an email.
In the HospitalThis video was shot and edited by one of Matt’s close friends. This was Matt’s attempt to say thank you and to retain a sense of direction in leading his class. This was very early in the journey.
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